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Subscription Pricing

Price for unlimited activity downloads for all teachers in your school for 12 months

Standard subscription

£120 +VAT per annum

ASE members

£30 + VAT per annum

Small schools (with 100 or fewer pupils on roll)

£70 + VAT per annum

Groups of schools (via school cluster groups, LA's, SSAT etc)

£50 + VAT per annum

Teacher delegates at ASE conferences and Primary UPD8 courses

£50 + VAT per annum

What do you get for the subscription?

As a subscriber you can access all activities with your email address and password. Have unlimited downloads for all teachers in your school. We will inform you of each new activity as it is published with an email alert.

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Why does Primary Upd8 cost?

We aim to make the service commercially sustainable, so we can support primary teachers with the highest quality resources, and a continual stream of fresh ideas to make science engaging.

We have been unable to secure the necessary funding to make Primary upd8 a free service.
If you're not totally satisfied with Primary upd8, call Karen Shoebottom at ASE on 01707 283000 within 30 days of subscribing and your payment will be refunded.