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Magic or magnetic?

Topic: Forces and magnets

Everyone's jealous of wizards like Harry Potter. The Muggle Times newspaper prints a story suggesting that some wizards' tricks are not magic at all, but rely on hidden magnets. Pupils are asked to if they can duplicate a magic trick using magnets. There is then a literacy activity to investigate whether it's possible to play the broomstick riding game Quidditch with the force of magnets.

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· To make careful observations

By devising a magic trick where you can pick up paperclips at a distance, pupils will observe which materials are/are not attracted to a magnet

· To classify a range of materials, including metals eg gold, copper, aluminium, as magnetic or non-magnetic

By completing arguments about why magnets could not support a person on a wooden broomstick

· That magnets can repel as well as attract

By devising a magic trick to push away an object with an invisible force

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magic or magnetic Oct 24th, 2012     1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star

Reviewer: Carolyn Hall
My children really enjoyed working on this activity and it was nice to see them working together to tackle the problem - they all came up with slightly different ideas but the way they presented the end task was lovely. I really liked this idea.