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Dippy's Farewell Tour - view this activity Super Snowballs and Stunning Snowflakes - view this activity Material girls and boys  - the new fiver - view this activity

Dippy's Farewell Tour

The iconic Diplodocus skeleton in the the Natural History Museum's entrance hall is about to go on a farewell tour of the UK, as 'Dippy' makes...

Super Snowballs and Stunning Snowflakes

Pattern Seeking
Children explore the science and maths of snowflakes, discover why giant snowballs have appeared on Russian beaches, and make their own paper ...

Material girls and boys - the new fiver

Properties and changes of materials
Money money money! Why is the Bank of England replacing paper notes with plastic ones? Which type will survive being dunked in ketchup? W...

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Random Activities

Help the Hedgehog Man in a Box Track-it Jacket

Help the Hedgehog

4B Habitats
The number of endangered animals in the UK has doubled over the past 10 years according to wildlife experts. Hedgehogs, house sparrows and har...

Man in a Box

5C Gases around us
Prof Iain Stewart, the geologist and TV presenter, sealed himself in a foliage-filled chamber as part of a TV programme. The transparent box, ...

Track-it Jacket

5E Earth, Sun and Moon
The Trailblazer jacket is a new piece of clothing, fitted with satellite navigation, to track a child's position and inform their parents of t...

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Activities for 5-11 year olds which use topical events to create uniquely engaging science lessons.

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