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Are we loom crazy? - view this activity Football Shadows - view this activity Rabbit Care - view this activity

Are we loom crazy?

Everyday Materials
The recent playground craze of loom weaving with rubber bands has led to much creativity, variables include colour, twist and size. Bangles ar...

Football Shadows

3F Light and shadows
Have you ever noticed the different shadows that you see on the football pitch? With the World Cup in full swing, now is the time to get child...

Rabbit Care

Humans & animals
Rabbit Awareness Week is in May. It aims to raise awareness of the needs of rabbits and the owner's responsibility in caring for them. In t...

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Random Activities

Egg Cosy Mister Big Fuelling the Flight

Egg Cosy

4C Keeping warm
A nine-year-old boy has hatched a chick from a box of free-range eggs, which his mother brought in a Suffolk supermarket. In this activity chi...

Mister Big

Animals including humans
Bao Xishun, the world's tallest naturally-growing man (2.36m) is getting married. In this activity the children will investigate whether they ...

Fuelling the Flight

5C Gases around us
The first manned, hydrogen-powered plane has been successfully tested in the skies above Spain. It was powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which p...

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Activities for 5-11 year olds which use topical events to create uniquely engaging science lessons.

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