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Next stop Antarctica - view this activity Monsoon Proof Roof (FREE) - view this activity Cool Pots (FREE) - view this activity

Next stop Antarctica

Animals including humans
Tourism to Antarctica is on the rise. In this activity, children will be planning and carrying out research about the Antarctic in order t...

Monsoon Proof Roof (FREE)

Properties and changes of materials
Practical Action supports families in local communities in Bangladesh to build flood- proof homes. Severe flooding, which is likely to continu...

Cool Pots (FREE)

Properties and changes of materials
In a hot country like Sudan a family loses up to half their tomatoes, okra and carrot crop as they deteriorate rapidly in the heat. Practical ...

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Rise of the Dinosaurs Ricky's Backpack (FREE) Pesky Potholes

Rise of the Dinosaurs

3D Rocks and soils
The fragmentation of tropical rainforests around 300 million years ago helped pave the way for the rise of the dinosaurs, a new study suggests...

Ricky's Backpack (FREE)

1C Sorting and using materials
Ricky has been invited to join a Fuchs Foundation expedition to the Antarctic with his teacher Lisa Wood. Ricky is the first puppet to go to A...

Pesky Potholes

3D Rocks and soils
Recent snow and ice has caused more potholes to form on the country's roads forcing councils to spend more time and money on fixing them. Pot...

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Activities for 5-11 year olds which use topical events to create uniquely engaging science lessons.

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