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Light SOS - view this activity Biggest Ship in the World! - view this activity How to Survive in Space - RI Lecture 1 Lift Off - view this activity

Light SOS

Recently, a group of children stranded under the Dover cliffs at night had to use their mobile phones as beacons to guide the rescue services ...

Biggest Ship in the World!

Ideas & evidence
In spring 2016, the biggest passenger ship ever built was launched. The cruise ship is the length of three football pitches and taller than Ne...

How to Survive in Space - RI Lecture 1 Lift Off

Earth and Space
The Royal Institution Lecture 1 Lift Off The classroom tone is set to provoke imaginative consideration of what it might be like to be an a...

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Time Traveller Health News Run Run As Fast As You Can

Time Traveller

5E Earth, Sun and Moon
In this activity, a famous time traveller must travel back in time to prevent aliens destroying Earth. Their computer malfunctions, and they ...

Health News

Humans & animals
Three recent health news stories feature in this activity: Brits' over-indulgence in sugar; how the explosion of e-mail and mobiles curtails e...

Run Run As Fast As You Can

2A Health and growth
This lesson links to the London Marathon. The focus is the importance of exercise and healthy food for a healthy body and mind. It includes ho...

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Activities for 5-11 year olds which use topical events to create uniquely engaging science lessons.

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