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Bake Off - view this activity The spin pass - view this activity Bone Detectives - view this activity

Bake Off

Properties and changes of materials
There is nothing quite like a delicious homemade cake! In recent years, baking fever has gripped the nation! It is no wonder..... a few simple...

The spin pass

The rugby world cup is taking place in the United Kingdom this year starting on Friday 18th September with a kick off match between England an...

Bone Detectives

Identifying and Classifying
Jake McGowen-Lowe is a teenage bone collector from Scotland. He has been collecting skulls and bones since he was six. He has recently been i...

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Vanishing bees Darwin 200 Snail Hunt and Snail Space (FREE) Switch On

Vanishing bees

5B Life cycles
All over America beekeepers are opening their beehives for the spring pollination season to find that their bees have either died or disappear...

Darwin 200 Snail Hunt and Snail Space (FREE)

KS1 Snail Hunt and KS2 Snail Space activities from the Primary upd8 team and The Open University's EvolutionMegalab. These are available in...

Switch On

The remote Scottish island of Eigg gets mains electricity for first time. The 87 residents of Eigg in the Hebrides have until now used small,...

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Activities for 5-11 year olds which use topical events to create uniquely engaging science lessons.

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