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Food chains: Are you eating plastic for dinner? - view this activity Light SOS - view this activity Biggest Ship in the World! - view this activity

Food chains: Are you eating plastic for dinner?

Animals including humans
Use food chains to explore the impact of plastic pollution in the oceans. Following pressure from environmental groups, the government is ...

Light SOS

Recently, a group of children stranded under the Dover cliffs at night had to use their mobile phones as beacons to guide the rescue services ...

Biggest Ship in the World!

Everyday Materials
In spring 2016, the biggest passenger ship ever built was launched. The cruise ship is the length of three football pitches and taller than Ne...

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Too Many Bags Dirty Work Buzz off

Too Many Bags

This Autumn Nick Clegg announced that a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags would be introduced in 2015 to discourage their use. In his announ...

Dirty Work

Interpreting & evaluating evidence
Earthworms are extremely important, playing a vital role in recycling plant nutrients and aerating the soil. We need to build up our understan...

Buzz off

Fair Testing
Robin Meier, a Swiss artist, has created an interactive sound installation. A computer generates a sound and three mosquitoes then tune their ...

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Activities for 5-11 year olds which use topical events to create uniquely engaging science lessons.

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